Red 6, We're a buch of know-it-alls!

Every Character in the 
Star Wars Saga

Everything you need to know 
about Star Wars, but didn't 
know you needed it!

Remember that one guy? 
You know, the one with the hat 
in the cantina?
Why don't they have an 
action figure of him by now? 
And there was that other 
guy too...

Action figures rock, and 
playsets rock even more. 
Use an Ultarama
and these nifty backgrounds 
to kick-start your imagination!

The Site that started it all... 
The Site Dedicated to a 
fallen Hero and the actor 
that portrayed him.
Jek Porkins and
William Hootkins.

There was a wrong, and we 
saw it made right! 
This is the memorial
to the page that brought
an international
conglomerate to it's knees!

Why such animosity for the 
Gungan fellow? 
I kinda like the guy. 
Dammit, I lOVE Jar Jar Binks!

The pages dedicated to 
recording the stories, tales, 
and myths that follow the 
Infamous band leader,
Figrin D'an and 
the Modal Nodes.

Life got you down?  How about
forgeting you problems and 
reading about a drunken, 
sex-crazed yak-man.
His lows will make you feel all 
warm and fuzzy inside.

The Unknown is a myth- there is
reason and truth for everything.

As the title says, these are the
places you need to see, 
if you are interested in what you
see. They are, in short, 

Jan 12, 2003
Red 6 has moved! We're at our new home here at Red6.TK... Due to some internal server problems, we'll be reformatting some pages. But Isn't it about time for an updated look anyway? Enjoy the new Red 6!

Jan 12, 2003
Red 6 is MOVING! In the near future and from that day forward, Red 6 will be found at! Don't forget to update your bookmarks!

Sept. 30 2002
A new link to Coruscant Customs has been added to the Page o' Links! They've got talent, they hate scalpers, and they're home-grown!

June 21 2002
A call for help!
Please! Everyone who helped us make our dream of having a Porkins action figure a reality is needed to fulfill another dream!

Click here to check out his bio,
And click HERE to sign the petition- RIGHT NOW!
We made Porkins into an action figure!

May 02 2002 
Brand new Ultarama backgrounds for Tatooine and Geonosis! 

April 30th 2002 
What happened here? 
Where am I? 
Where is the thing with the thing that says stuff like Jim-Dandy! 
Where Am I?!?! 
Relax, you're here at the brand new Red 6. 
The content is still here, nothing in that category has changed. well, maybe a little. 
The Skins page was put back up, and the old Updates page is gone. This is the updates page, and will be for as long as I am concerned. 
This isn't your normal Webmaster, by the way. This is Xerhoah, and I am responsible for the new layout. 
If you can any comments, suggestion, yelling, etc. just email me. 
I'm sure I will have screwed up at least once in the entire time it took me to redo this. 
This site is big. It's a lot bigger than any thing I would have thought. 
If you look down to the bottom right of your screen, you will see a little Blue X, click that to go to my homepage. 
I figured I might as well try to plug from some hits. 

Updated  April 12th, 6:30 PM
UPDATED EVERYTHING AGAIN for EPISODE 2!!! Massive spoilers, etc, etc... Check out the new sections, the Senate, Seperatists, Coruscant, and more!

Also, welcome Xerhoah aboard with a new layout- we'll get the mynocks out of the system soon... We promise...

Updated  April 2nd, 12:30 AM
UPDATED EVERYTHING for EPISODE 2!!! Massive spoilers, etc, etc...

Updated  March 17th, 7:30 PM
UPDATES for EPISODE 2! Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and a few other pages updated!

Updated  March 15th, 12:45 AM
UPDATES for EPISODE 2! Jedi and Sith updated, Tatooine update soon, pages for Kamino and Genoesis coming up!

Updated  September 11th, 12:50 AM
A new page! Check out our new custom Ultarama Backgrounds!

Bart Simpson is my hero
I hate netscape.
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