Forest moon of Endor
Ewoks, Yuzzums, and bears, oh my!
Ewoks- furry critters dubbed "Ewoks" due to thier resemblance to Wookiees, arch-nemises of the Yuzzums
Notable representatives:

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Charnuba- Attacked an At-St with Icky Ted and Chewbacca
Played by: ???

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Icky Ted- took control of the AT-ST that he helped Charnuba steal from the Empire... Took great joy in toasting Stormtroopers
Played by: ???

Kazak- Strategist and advisor to Chief Chirpa, led the assault on the Shield Generator Bunker
Played by: ???

Keoulkeech- Apprentice to Logray, the medicine man. Wears the skull of the less-distinguished Divto
Played by: ???

Lumat- Fought with a Bola, almost destroyed a speeder bike
Played by: ???

Nicki- Fought in the Battle of Endor, lost her life when she stepped on a land mine
Played by: Nicki Reade

Tamat- Ewok bowman, skilled in the arts of weaponmaking and efficient killing... Got a few personal trophies during the Battle of Endor.
Played by: ???

Rabin- Tamer of beasts, destroyer of enemies. Loner, survivalist, and feared by all.
Played by: Kenny Baker

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Wiley- Baby ewok scared by C-3PO's story
Played by: ???

Wuta- Weapons-smith who was the first to discover Imperial presence on the Forest Moon
Played by: ???

Ewok Extras Played by:
Margo Apostacos 
Ray Armstrong 
Eileen Baker 
Michael H. Balham 
Bobby Bell (I) 
Patty Bell (I) 
Alan Bennett 
Sarah Bennett 
Pamela Betts 
Danny Blackner 
Linda Bowley 
Peter Burroughs 
Debbie Lee Carrington 
Maureen Charlton 
William Coppen 
Sadie Corrie
Mike Cottrell
Tony Cox 
John Cumming 
Jean D'Agostino 
Luis De Jesus 
Debbie Dixon
Malcolm Dixon
Margarita Fern
Phil Fondacaro 
Sal Fondacaro 
Tony Friel 
Dan Frischman 
John Gayam 
Michael Gilden
Paul Grant 
Lars Green 
Lydia Green 
Pam Grizz 
Andrew Herd 
J.J. Jackson (I) 
Richard Jones (IV) 
Trevor Jones (II) 
Glynn Jones 
Karen Lay 
John Lummiss 
Nancy MacLean 
Peter Mandell 
Carole Morris 
Stacy Nicholls 
Chris Nunn 
Barbara O'Laughlin 
Brian Orenstein 
Harrell Parker Jr. 
John Pedrick 
April Perkins 
Ronnie Phillips (I) 
Katie Purvis 
Carol Read 
Nicholas Read 
Diana Reynolds
Daniel Rodgers 
Chris Romano 
Dean Shackelford 
Kiran Shah 
Felix Silla 
Linda Spriggs 
Gerarld Staddon 
Josephine Staddon 
Kevin Thompson (III) 
Kendra Wall 
Brian Wheeler 
Butch Wilhelm 

Yuzzums- Woolly inhabitants of Endor, natural predators of Ewoks, hunt in packs and have a very musical language

Notable representatives:

Aaaghaah- Homicidal maniac responsible for countless deaths on the planet Endor, used the alias of Joh Yowza to escape slavery and is curently hunted by Saelt "Yakface" Marae